NAB Radio 2005 Photo Blog - Sep 22

September 22, 2005

Radio magazine brings the 2005 NAB Radio Show to you in photos from the convention.

Philadelphia's City Hall is down the street from the Pennsylvania Convention Center. A statue of William Penn crowns the building.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center is the site of the 2005 NAB Radio Show.

The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show broadcast from the convention floor on Thursday morning.

The Radio Show offers a chance for Conrad Trautmann of Westwood One and Jeff Littlejohn of Clear Channel a chance to catch up.

It was another busy day in the Radio Systems booth.

The Audemat-Aztec Goldeneagle HD Radio monitor recently received Ibiquity approval as a test and measurement tool. Christoph Poulain of Audemat-Aztec presents the first sold unit to Jeff Littlejohn of Clear Channel. Clear Channel bought 49 FM units and 14 AM units.

David Day of Day Sequerra shows the Radio magazine Pick Hit-award-winning M2 HD Radio montitor to Rich Redmond of Harris.

The Broadcast Electronics 4MX50 is worth a closer look.

Burk Technology, located at the entrance, had some early visitors on Thursday.

Continental Electronics debuted a low-power HD Radio transmitter.

It's all about the power. LEA International talks about surge protection.

Power quality, surge protection and backup power were the product topics in the Superior Electric booth.

Lynn Claudy of the NAB (left) escorted FCC Commisioners Kathleen Abernathy and Jonathan Adelstein through the convention floor.

Ibiquity had several HD Radio receivers on display to demonstrate IBOC technology.

Phil Owens of Wheatstone discusses the various control surfaces for the company's integrated router/console systems.

1960's pop star Little Peggy March now does more mature Sinatra-style music in the 21st Century. She visits with Dick Robinson during his live broadcast from the convention.

Clorinda of Precision Communications gives details on all the services that her company offers broadcasters.

The question of the hour: Did Mike Everson of LEA International successfully sell the surge protector or the mini van der Graaf generator on top?

Robust attendance at the NAB Radio Show brings a smile to the face of Kim Winking of Broadcast Electronics.

The NAB provided clear directives to attendees for exhibits and sessions.

The staff at Orban/CRL were enthused about the newest addition to their processing equipment for AM, FM and online.

Part of the ambience of the Radio Show included live broadcasts, including the Kidd Kraddick morning show.

A juxtaposition of modern art in the heart of old Philadelphia.

Barkeep: I'll have that on the rocks with a twist.

A cheery Canadian smile was offered to the visitors at the OMT booth.

Take in a session, visit the exhibit hall, and grab a nearby tour bus to round out the day in Philly.

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