NAB Radio 2005 Photo Blog - Sep 23

September 23, 2005

Radio magazine brings the 2005 NAB Radio Show to you in photos from the convention.

Audemat-Aztec saw a great deal of interest in its Goldeneagle HD Radio monitor.

"Hey, there's audio." Jim Wood of Inovonics tweaks the audio processing at the company's exhibit at the NAB Radio Show.

One of the points of interest at the Continental Electronics booth was the HD Radio equipment that Bret Brewer adjusts here.

Kirk Harnack demonstrates the features of the Axia IP audio routing and mixing system.

Chris Crump (right) explains the BRIC technology used in the Comrex Access.

The Klotz Aeon is put through its paces.

Enco Systems provided demonstrations of the DadPro32 audio automation system, and discussed the new Padapult PAD/RBDS software.

Dan Braverman explains the flexibility of the Studiohub CAT-5 wiring system.

Trafnet made its debut at the NAB Radio Show.

Wireready showed its software programs that include newsroom and station automation, and school closing announcement management.

APT showed how its codecs can transmit multichannel and surround sound audio with its lossless encoding.

The Kidd Kraddick morning show again broadcast from the convention floor. The guest on Friday morning was musician and producer Randy Jackson.

Mark Stennett of Univision Radio listens to the Broadcast Warehouse DSPX. (NAB photo)

Next year's NAB Radio Show will be held in Dallas in conjunction with the R&R Convention. The convention will be held from Sept. 20 to 22, 2006.

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