NAB Radio Update - Oct 5, 2004

October 5, 2004


  • Author Freiberg to Keynote NAB Radio Show
  • BMI Hitmakers to Perform at Marconi Awards
  • Burk Technology RDS Master
  • Nautel J1000
  • Armstrong Transmitter X Link STL
  • Firstcom Music Noise Pump Music
  • Audemat-Aztec Licenses HD Radio Technology
  • V-Soft Communications FM Commander
  • RCS SMS short codes
  • Harris Mini HD
  • Broadcast Electronics FXi upgrades
  • Breakfast with Charlie Cook
  • The Antique Radio Store
  • Comb the Beaches

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    News from the Convention

    Author Freiberg to Keynote NAB Radio Show
    Washington, DC - Sep 29, 2004 - Co-author of the management and customer service book Guts! Companies That Blow The Doors Off Business As Usual, Dr. Jackie Freiberg will keynote The NAB Radio Show.

    Freiberg will share her insight on the practices of businesses succeeding in today's marketplace. Her on-site research at companies such as Southwest Airlines, SAS Institute, USAA, Synovus Financial and Ernst and Young will help attendees to create an environment where people want to work and customers want to do business. Her book, which she wrote with her husband, reveals the secrets behind 15 companies known for unorthodox leadership, a blatant disregard for conventional wisdom - and record profits. In addition to Guts!, the authors wrote Nuts! Southwest Airlines' Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success. Nuts! examines the success of a company in an industry plagued by financial problems and a negative image.

    BMI Hitmakers to Perform at Marconi Awards
    A BMI all-star roster of singer/songwriters has been assembled to perform at the 16th annual Marconi Radio Awards Dinner and Show. Lead singers Larry Hoppen from Orleans, Jimmy Jamison from Survivor and solo recording artist Robbie Dupree will team up to entertain at the annual radio awards ceremony.

    Hoppen's band, Orleans, penned award-winning hits including "Dance With Me," "Still The One" and "Love Takes Time, " which was co-written by Hoppen. Survivor hits include "High on You," "Eye of the Tiger" and "The Search is Over." Grammy-nominated as Best New Artist of the Year, Dupree had the top 10 singles "Steal Away" and "Hot Rod Hearts." Together, those songs have had over 14 million radio performances.

    Established in 1989, The NAB Marconi Radio Awards are named after inventor and Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi, and are given each year to radio stations and outstanding on-air personalities to recognize excellence in radio. Awards will be presented in 22 categories.

    The Marconi Awards banquet will be held Oct. 7 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel.

    Products from the Floor

    Burk Technology RDS Master
    Booth 1505
    Audemat-Aztec and Burk Technology have introduced an RDS encoder powered by Audemat-Aztec's FMB80. The FMB80 is capable of scrolling song titles and artist information on any kind of RDS receiver using the scrolling PS feature. Communication with the automation software and configuration are simplified with serial and TCP/IP ports. The FMB80 has an embedded Web server and supports HTTP, TELNET, UDP and TCP protocols. Firmware upgrades can be flashed remotely using the FTP site.

    Nautel J1000
    Booth 1410
    The Jazz J1000 is a 1kW AM transmitter in a 19" rack mount package. It uses direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology to produce logic-level RF drive and modulation encoding. Ultra linear extended band performance supports HD Radio and DRM digital transmission formats. Control and monitoring is provided through a software-driven 240 × 64 graphic LCD display in conjunction with a diagnostic flow diagram. The redundant modular design has two complete and independent 500W wideband power modules comprising high efficiency RF amplifier, modulator, switch mode power supply and integral ventilation fan. The transmitter has provisions for six preset RF power levels.

    Armstrong Transmitter X Link STL
    Booth 1701
    An analog STL system, this 10W system replaces the FML 10 system. The transmitter and receiver feature microprocessor control that evolves the FML10 to a user-friendly, menu-driven system. Frequency, power output, signal strength and all metered parameters are available on the front-panel LCD display and via a remote control. The system's receiver is more sensitive making it useful for long STL paths. This system interfaces easily with Armstrong's two- and four-channel digital converters to allow a station to add digital audio to the analog platform. The transmitter and receiver operate on 24Vdc, 110 or 220Vac.

    Firstcom Music Noise Pump Music
    Booth 212
    NPM will provide a variety of musical styles from orchestral to electronica in a user friendly layout including long form titles, commercial length edits and sub-mix versions. The initial 10 CD release will be followed by 10 more CD volumes in the fall of 2004. Additionally, all music will be released on Firstcom's website for download. The series is produced by Aaron Harry.

    Eye on IBOC

    Audemat-Aztec Licenses HD Radio Technology
    North Miami Beach, FL, and Columbia, MD - Oct 1, 2004 - Audemat-Aztec has licensed Ibiquity's HD Radio technology for inclusion into Audemat-Aztec's radio test and monitoring products. As a result, Audemat-Aztec will be able to further assist AM and FM broadcasters in the initial transition to digital and maximize the benefits of their digital signals by offering mobile products capable of measuring coverage and analyzing quality of HD Radio reception.

    Audemat-Aztec states that it received many requests from U.S. customers to develop a mobile RF field strength meter to measure coverage and analyze quality of HD Radio reception. This product, which has been named NavIBOC, is being designed and will be available for sale at NAB2005.

    More Products

    V-Soft Communications FM Commander
    Booth 1109
    The program uses a new mapping engine compatible with V-Soft's Probe 3 and AM-Pro polygon-based mapping databases. Some of the new features include the ability to automatically design directional antenna patterns with one click of the mouse, the ability to overlay population centroids, airports, towers and AM stations, interactive labeling and terrain profile graphing. The USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED) 30-meter database can be used with Probe 3, Terrain-3D and Plot Path.

    RCS SMS short codes
    Booth 106
    The SMS short code 22022 and other short codes open a new avenue of messaging to and from radio station listeners. The codes allow a simple way to get instant input from the thousands of mobile phone users. The CSCA initiative of late 2003 was an agreement among the major telephone service providers in the United States to follow a common short code five-digit standard for allocating numbers across all carriers. This means broadcast contesting can be set for all mobile phones instead of just one carrier.

    Harris Mini HD
    Booth 902
    With the addition of Mini-HD, a new line of 10W to 600W HD Radio transmitters, Harris can now support multiplexer input, interleaved antenna and separate antenna applications. Like Harris' Z-HD radio transmitters, the Mini-HD line is available with Harris' exclusive Neustar option, which can be configured to enable supplemental audio channels and 5.1 surround sound applications. Designed for FM radio stations using space combining to implement HD Radio, applications of this transmitter include separate antennas, interleaved antennas, dual-port antennas and FM combiner port injected feeds. Mini-HD integrates the Dexstar HD Radio exciter with a highly linear RF amplifier in a single rack cabinet.

    Broadcast Electronics FXi upgrades
    Booth 702
    A software upgrade to its FXi digital FM exciter makes it possible to calibrate audio levels within 1/10 of a decibel - an important development for synchronous FM. The upgrade applies to the FXi60 and FXi250 models. Differences in levels as low as 0.2dB between sites produces audible distortions in single-frequency FM networks. The unit can also synchronize audio frequency and modulation in addition to pilot and carrier. The upgrade is part of BE's Sync FM system, which includes a pilot phase-locking accessory. The system is being used to synchronize Antenna FM's three-site, single-frequency network in Athens, Greece and in the main and booster IBOC system tests at KCSN-FM in Los Angeles.

    Convention Events

    Breakfast with Charlie Cook
    On Oct. 8 from 7:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m., Charlie Cook, editor and publisher of The Cook Political Report and a political analyst for the National Journal Group, will share his views on politics and the November Presidential election at this breakfast session.

    Cook, regarded as one of the most astute impartial analysts of the Washington political scene, is one of the nation's leading authorities on U.S. elections. He writes weekly for National Journal magazine and Congress Daily AM. Cook currently is a guest each Wednesday on WMAL-AM Washington, DC. He is also an analyst for NBC News, CNBC and MSNBC.

    Before joining the National Journal Group in June 1998, Cook was a political columnist for Roll Call. He has also served as an election night analyst for several news programs.

    Out and About in San Diego

    The Antique Radio Store
    Located in San Diego, this store refurbishes old radios and resells them. From antique parts to test equipment, this store has everything a radio enthusiast could want and more.

    Comb the Beaches
    A paved boardwalk runs the length of Pacific and Mission beaches, and is used by bikes, skaters and pedestrians. There are boardwalks in Oceanside, La Jolla and Ocean Beach also, just smaller versions. There are all kinds of jogging trails, bike paths, skate parks and other places to run, ride and roll around San Diego's beaches.

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