NAB Radio Update - Sep 21, 2004

September 21, 2004


  • NAB Announces 2004 Marconi Award Final Nominees
  • Broadcast Electronics 4MX 50
  • ERI Dual-feed IBOC antenna
  • Scott Studios Voice Tracker
  • Sierra Automated Systems Rubicon
  • IBOC Takes Center Stage in Engineering Sessions
  • Thursday Sessions
  • Comrex STAC6 and STAC12
  • Orban Optimod-FM 2300
  • D.A.V.I.D. Digasystem Latitude Edition
  • Harris Flexstar HDI-100 and HDE-100
  • Mission Trails Regional Park
  • Gaslamp Quarter
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    News from the Convention

    NAB Announces 2004 Marconi Award Final Nominees
    Washington - Jul 19, 2004 - The finalists for the National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Radio Awards competition have been selected. Established in 1989 and named after inventor and Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi, the NAB Marconi Radio Awards are given to radio stations and outstanding on-air personalities to recognize excellence in radio. An independent task force selected finalists in 22 categories. Ballots were sent to members of the NAB Marconi Radio Awards Selection Academy in August.

    The nominees are:
    Legendary Station of the Year
  • KFOG-FM San Francisco, CA
  • KPRS-FM Kansas City, MO
  • KSL-AM Salt Lake City, UT
  • KSTP-AM Minneapolis, MN
  • WOR-AM New York, NY

    Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year

  • Bob and Sheri, Jefferson-Pilot Radio Network
  • Neal Boortz, Jones Radio Networks
  • Clark Howard, Jones Radio Networks
  • Tom Joyner, Reach Media
  • Lex Staley and Terry Jaymes, Cox Radio Syndication

    Major Market Station of the Year

  • KOIT-FM San Francisco, CA
  • KPWR-FM Los Angeles, CA
  • WBEB-FM Philadelphia, PA
  • WEEI-AM Boston, MA
  • WLTW-FM New York, NY

    Large Market Station of the Year

  • KIFM-FM San Diego, CA
  • KSHE-FM St. Louis, MO
  • KSTP-AM Minneapolis, MN
  • KSTP-FM Minneapolis, MN
  • KYGO-FM Denver, CO

    Medium Market Station of the Year

  • WFBQ-FM Indianapolis, IN
  • WGY-AM Albany, NY
  • WJXA-FM Nashville, TN
  • WSNY-FM Columbus, OH
  • WTMJ-AM Milwaukee, WI

    Small Market Station of the Year

  • KAIR-FM Atchison, KS
  • KIHR-AM Hood River, OR
  • WFKX-FM Jackson, TN
  • WLEN-FM Adrian, MI
  • WTUZ-FM Uhrichsville, OH

    Major Market Personality of the Year

  • Big Boy, KPWR-FM Los Angeles, CA
  • Eric Ferguson and Kathy Hart, WTMX-FM Chicago, IL
  • Drew Lane and Mike Clark, WRIF-FM Detroit, MI
  • Mike Moss and Richard Day, WTOP-AM Washington, DC
  • Jay Severin WTKK-FM Boston, MA

    Large Market Personality of the Year

  • Gene and Julie, WLTM-FM Atlanta, GA
  • Kelly and Jonathan with Mudflap, KYGO-FM Denver, CO
  • Dave Ryan, KDWB-FM Minneapolis, MN
  • Scott Slade, WSB-AM Atlanta, GA
  • Joe Soucheray, KSTP-AM Minneapolis, MN

    Medium Market Personality of the Year

  • Jonathan Green, WTMJ-AM Milwaukee, WI
  • Steve O'Brien, Stacy Barton and Jeff Roberts, KMGL-FM Oklahoma City, OK
  • Dino Tripodis and Stacy McKay, WSNY-FM Columbus, OH
  • Jim Turner, WDBO-AM Orlando, FL
  • Don Weeks, WGY-AM Albany, NY

    Small Market Personality of the Year

  • Terry Bell, KKAJ-FM Ardmore, OK
  • Terry Cavanaugh, WGIL-AM Galesburg, IL
  • Rochelle Mitchell, KTRR-FM Ft. Collins, CO
  • John Mons, KDUZ-AM Hutchinson, MN
  • Rick Sinclair, KKLR-FM Poplar Bluff, MO

    AC Station of the Year

  • WALK-FM Long Island, NY
  • WLEN-FM Adrian, MI
  • WLTW-FM New York, NY
  • WLYF-FM Miami, FL
  • WSNY-FM Columbus, OH

  • Adult Standards Station of the Year

  • KABL-AM San Francisco, CA
  • KLAC-AM Los Angeles, CA
  • KOGA-AM Ogallala, NE
  • KTLO-FM Mountain Home, AR
  • WOSN-FM Vero Beach, FL

    CHR Station of the Year

  • KPWR-FM Los Angeles, CA
  • KQKS-FM Denver, CO
  • WHHH-FM Indianapolis, IN
  • WMOM-FM Pentwater, MI
  • WSTW-FM Wilmington, DE

    Classical Station of the Year

  • KFUO-FM St. Louis, MO
  • WCPE-FM Wake Forest, NC
  • WFMR-FM Milwaukee, WI
  • WGMS-FM Washington, DC
  • WRR-FM Dallas, TX

    Country Station of the Year

  • KBMW-AM Wahpeton, ND
  • KMFX-FM Rochester, MN
  • KMTK-FM Bend, OR
  • KYGO-FM Denver, CO
  • WFMS-FM Indianapolis, IN

    NAC/Jazz Station of the Year

  • KIFM-FM San Diego, CA
  • KJCD-FM Denver, CO
  • KSDS-FM San Diego, CA
  • WNUA-FM Chicago, IL
  • WNWV-FM Cleveland, OH

    News/Talk/Sports Station of the Year

  • KOA-AM Denver, CO
  • KSL-AM Salt Lake City, UT
  • WGN-AM Chicago, IL
  • WIBC-AM Indianapolis, IN
  • WJBC-AM Bloomington, IL

    Oldies Station of the Year

  • KQQL-FM Minneapolis, MN
  • KVEN-AM Ventura, CA
  • WCIZ-FM Watertown, NY
  • WGLD-FM Indianapolis, IN
  • WMJI-FM Cleveland, OH

    Religious Station of the Year

  • KYLV-FM Oklahoma City, OK
  • WDAS-AM Philadelphia, PA
  • WEAL-AM Greensboro, NC
  • WNNL-FM Raleigh, NC
  • WVEL-FM Peoria, IL

    Rock Station of the Year

  • KBZT-FM San Diego, CA
  • KFOG-FM San Francisco, CA
  • KOZT-FM Fort Bragg, CA
  • WEBN-FM Cincinnati, OH
  • WRIF-FM Detroit, MI

    Spanish Station of the Year

  • KISF-FM Las Vegas, NV
  • KLQV-FM San Diego, CA
  • KRCD/KRCV Los Angeles, CA
  • KSSE-FM Los Angeles, CA
  • KZMP-FM Dallas, TX

    Urban Station of the Year

  • KPRS-FM Kansas City, MO
  • WDAS-FM Philadelphia, PA
  • WDHT-FM Dayton, OH
  • WQMG-FM Greensboro, NC
  • WTLC-FM Indianapolis, IN
  • The winners in each category will be announced on Oct. 7 at the NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner and Show at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego. The annual dinner and show will be the highlight of The NAB Radio Show.

    Products from the Floor

    Scott Studios Voice Tracker
    Booth 705
    This system allows jocks to record air shifts from anywhere with an Internet connection, Windows computer and microphone. When used with Scott's SS32, times and current temperatures can air. Voice Tracker via Internet requires an Internet music server at the station to send compressed song heads and tails, in WMA format, to the announcer's headphones. It can automatically virus scan and place the recorded voice tracks in the air studio. Stations choose how many songs per hour an announcer is allowed to change for timing, or whether he must follow the log exactly.

    Broadcast Electronics 4MX 50
    Booth 702
    The 50 kW AM transmitter is based on a patent-pending modulation design developed by Broadcast Electronics engineers. The new transmitter is about half the size of comparable models and offers full transmitter control and diagnostic capability locally via a 15-inch, XGA front-panel display, as well as remotely from virtually any location via IP. The PA modules are accessed from the front of the transmitter, while lift-off rear panels provide access to power supplies and all ac connections. It has a nighttime power capability as low as 250 watts. The power factor is greater than 0.98.

    Sierra Automated Systems Rubicon
    Booth 812
    A stand-alone control surface, the Rubicon integrates into the SAS 32KD digital audio network for mixing, switching, level control and effects. Modular, customizable and fully programmable, this control surface is for a medium- or large- market facility. Each module features four program bus assignments and four effects/auxilliary sends. A VU/Peak LED meter bridge with a clock and a timer or a VGA monitor show metering.

    ERI Dual-feed IBOC antenna
    Booth 700
    This dual-input, side-mounted FM antenna is designed for FM IBOC applications and is capable of transmitting the analog and digital FM signals without requiring a high loss hybrid combiner or the use of a circulator to attain the required isolation between the digital and analog transmitters. The antenna is a dual-input antenna design that excites all radiating elements with analog and digital signals. The antenna allows the use of a single antenna while eliminating the combining loss as is present in the 10dB hybrid combining method and it is able to achieve 1.05:1 VSWR for analog and digital inputs. It can achieve in excess of 30dB isolation between analog and digital inputs without using an isolator/circulator.

    Session Highlights

    IBOC Takes Center Stage in Engineering Sessions
    The technical sessions at the NAB Radio Show will focus on IBOC for all three days. The sessions will cover nearly every aspect of IBOC operation from the studio to the antenna. We'll provide a rundown of each day's sessions in this newsletter leading up to the convention.

    Thursday Sessions

    Transmitters, Tests and Measurements for HD Radio

    9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
    New Methods to Upgrade to HD Radio Transmission
    George Cabrera of Harris will discuss information about two FM IBOC cost-reducing implementation methods: separate radiation and split-level combining.

    9:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.
    FM Broadcast Transmitter Site Conversion for HD Radio Transmission
    Tim Hardy of Nautel will overview the transmission equipment requirements for FM IBOC, with an emphasis on the effect of transmitter non-linearity and its mitigation using digital adaptive pre-correction.

    11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
    FM IBOC Installations Real-world Case Study
    Paul Shulins of Greater Media Boston describes the planning, budgeting, installation and maintenance of the FM IBOC systems installed in Jan. 2004 on Greater Media's five Class B stations in Boston.

    11:30 a.m. to noon
    Measuring Your Hybrid IBOC Signal
    David Maxson of Broadcast Signal Lab explores the complexities of measuring the IBOC signal. With the addition of a digital waveform to the analog, a host of measurement challenges arise relating to analyzing digital signal carriers and determining occupied bandwidth.

    1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m.
    AM Broadcast Transmitter Site Conversion for HD Radio Transmission
    Wendell Lonergan of Nautel will discuss site requirements to transmit an IBOC signal. Problems encountered during various site conversions and solutions to these problems will be explained.

    2 p.m. to 3 p.m.
    Linearity Measurements of AM Transmitters for HD Radio Performance
    Geoff Mendenhall of Harris will detail an independent measuring technique that predicts digital modulation performance without the need of an IBOC exciter/demodulator.

    3 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.
    Real Life Operation of an AM IBOC Facility
    Tom Ray of WOR, New York, will take attendees through an AM IBOC installation from concept to operation.

    3:45 p.m. to 5 p.m.
    Developing a Troubleshooting Plan
    John Bissett of Dielectric explains the method to adopt a logical troubleshooting process. While the focus will be transmitter troubleshooting, the skills can be applied to any repair situation.

    Other Sessions of Note

    7:30 a.m. 8:45 a.m.
    FCC Breakfast
    FCC Commissioners Jonathan Adelstein and Kevin Martin are scheduled to appear. They will discuss the current regulatory issues facing radio broadcasters.

    9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.
    Keynote Address
    NAB President Eddie Fritts will give opening remarks before introducing the keynote speaker, who has not yet been announced.

    11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
    Exhibit Floor Lunch
    Taking a cue from regional conventions, a free lunch will be available on the show floor.

    2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Live Remote Broadcast: Dick Robinson's American Standards By The Sea
    The music of Sinatra, Bennett, Basie, Rich, Callaway and many more are featured during the weekly syndicated show, which usually originates aboard a studio-equipped 70-foot yacht.

    3 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.
    Don't Give the FCC More Money Than You Have To
    Just because you're not able to watch every aspect of the station doesn't mean that someone else isn't either. The FCC is always watching. This session looks at the basic rules that need to be followed. The panel features Radio magazine legal contributor Harry Martin.

    4:15 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.
    Happy Hour & A Half
    A social event at the end of the middle day.

    6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
    Marconi Radio Awards Reception, Dinner & Show
    The awards ceremony recognizes stations for overall excellence. The hosts for the event will be syndicated morning personalities Bob and Tom.

    More Products

    Comrex STAC6 and STAC12
    Booth 1005
    These Studio Telephone Access Centers (STAC) for listener lines, talk shows and call-in segments incorporate two digital telephone hybrids handling up to four callers. It is offered in six and 12 phone line versions with the ability to upgrade in the field. The accompanying control surface supports unique producer and screener configurations. IP-based call screening and control is embedded, enabling operation from almost anywhere. Other unique features include auto-attendant and support of as many as four control surfaces.

    D.A.V.I.D. Digasystem Latitude Edition
    Booth 1512
    The Latitude Edition is a scalable platform with network capabilities designed for the demands of small to medium-size broadcasters. The basic version consists of three complete preconfigured workstations and a server with all of the software modules required for editing, organizing, scheduling and playing programming. Latitude can be upgraded by 20 options to add and customize additional features such as Web applications, automation, file transfer or import modules for a wide range of applications. Expansion with additional workstations or an update to the full version of a Digasystem installation is possible at any time.

    Orban Optimod-FM 2300
    Booth 413
    Key new features of this processor include stereo enhancement, built-in Ethernet and RS232 serial connectivity, full-featured remote control through any Windows 2000 or XP PC, standard AES/EBU digital input/output, Orban's half-cosine interpolation composite limiter and a multiplex power controller for countries required to meet the ITU-R BS412 standard. The 2300 is targeted to small- and medium-market broadcasters as well as non-commercial and educational broadcasters. Supplied in a compact, 1RU chassis, the processor offers a processing chain that includes a stereo enhancer, AGC, equalizer, program-adaptive high frequency enhancer, two-band compressor/limiter, distortion-canceling clipper, overshoot compensator and stereo encoder with composite limiting. The main clippers and overshoot compensator operate at 256kHz sample rate and are anti-aliased.

    Harris Flexstar HDI-100 and HDE-100
    Booth 902
    The Flexstar HDI-100 data importer and HDE-100 program exporter can broadcast supplemental audio and implement data services, maximizing available bandwidth within the transmission chain. The HDE-100 exporter multiplexes the data leaving the importer with a station main program channel and feeds all the data as one bandwidth-efficient bit stream to an IBOC exciter.

    Out and About in San Diego

    Mission Trails Regional Park
    Located eight miles northeast of downtown San Diego, this park encompasses nearly 5,800 acres of both natural and developed recreational areas. It provides more than 40 miles of trails, boating on Lake Murray, camping at Kumeyaay Lake, numerous informative hikes and a Visitor and Interpretive Center.

    Gaslamp Quarter
    Turn-of-the-century office buildings, hotels and Victorian buildings house more than 90 restaurants, 35 nightclubs and 100 shops and galleries. The Gaslamp Quarter offers popular live-music spots such as Croce's, owned and operated by Ingrid Croce, widow of famed singer-songwriter Jim Croce. Check out the Cuban Cigar Factory, with its hand-rolled stogies. The quarter is located downtown, south of Broadway and between Fourth and Sixth Avenues.

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