NAB Radio Update - Sep 28, 2004

September 28, 2004


  • Clark Brown to Receive National Radio Award
  • Audioscience to Show Cobranet, Surround Sound
  • Staying Connected at the NAB Radio Show
  • Audemat-Aztec Navigator 007
  • DRS Broadcast Technology Continental 815D5 and 815HD5
  • Dielectric Flexline Foam
  • Radio Systems Millenium Digital
  • IBOC Takes Center Stage in Engineering Sessions
  • Friday Sessions
  • Inovonics Omega_FM
  • Prophet Systems Nexgen 101
  • Mediatouch Imedia Logger
  • Omnirax Presto
  • Pike and Fischer Web Services
  • San Diego Automotive Museum
  • San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum
  • Get a Free Exhibits-only Pass

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    News from the Convention

    Clark Brown to Receive National Radio Award
    Jefferson Pilot Communications Radio Division President Clarke Brown will receive the NAB National Radio Award at this year's Radio Lunch to be held Oct. 8, from noon to 1:30 p.m.

    As president of Jefferson Pilot's Radio Division, Brown oversees stations in Miami, Charlotte, San Diego, Denver and Atlanta. He first joined WQXI-AM/FM, Atlanta as an account executive in 1967. In 1983 he was named assistant vice president of the station. Brown was appointed general manager of KSON-AM/FM in 1985 and moved the station from its last-place rating to number one in less than two years.

    In 1989, Brown was put in charge of the Denver radio properties, which are now the revenue and profit leaders in the division. In 1990 Brown was called back to Atlanta to restore WQXI to a prominent position in the market. Then in 1991 he moved into his current position.

    Brown serves on several boards and charities, including the Radio Advisory Board of the Associated Press, the YMCA, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and the Radio Advertising Bureau. In addition, he was president of the Atlanta Broadcasters Advertisers Club, chairman of the Ad Club and chaired the 2002 NAB Radio Show Steering Committee. He is the current chairman of the Radio Operators Caucus.

    Audioscience to Show Cobranet, Surround Sound
    Audioscience will show two new technologies at the NAB Radio Show: a prototype ASI6400 Cobranet PCI audio adapter and a working demonstration of surround sound extensions (SSX) that Audioscience is adding to its ASI5000 series of products.

    The ASI6400 series is the first broadcast-specific line of PCI audio adapters to provide Cobranet audio networking. Using a Texas Instruments 32-bit floating point DSP together with Cirrus Logic's CS1810XX Cobranet interface will allow the card to simultaneously record and play 16 mono or eight stereo streams of 24-bit audio over a 100Mb/s Ethernet network.

    The surround sound extensions to the ASI5000 series of audio adapters will give them the ability to play and record multi-channel streams with up to eight channels of audio. Two multi-channel streams maybe mixed to one physical output using the same mixer model and Microsoft compatible APIs as other Audioscience products operating in mono/stereo mode.

    Information is available in the Audioscience suite in the Manchester Grand Hyatt, suite 805.

    Do You Know...?

    Staying Connected at the NAB Radio Show
    Finding Internet access when you travel can be a challenge. Whether it's dial-up, DSL or Wifi, there are plenty of ways to stay connected. If e-mail is all you need, the NAB provides e-mail stations in the lobby of the convention floor. If your need is for data and speed, there are other options.

    Most hotels offer high-speed access in the rooms. Some offer wireless access in the lobby. The two convention hotels offer very different services. The Manchester Grand Hyatt has high-speed access in the guest rooms for a daily fee. The Hampton Inn Downtown offers DSL in the guest rooms and WiFi in the lobby. Both are free services to Hampton Hotel guests.

    If you want WiFi on the go, there are hotspots all over town. We made a quick search online and found a list through PC World magazine. We selected the hotspots within 0.5 miles of the Manchester Grand Hyatt. Of the 21 sites listed, four offer free access. Here's a list of the 21 sites for your convenience.

    Color Graphics (Little Italy WiFi)1660 India StreetFree
    Courtyard by Marriott San Diego530 Broadway StreetBoingo, Ipass, Wayport
    First National Bank Center401 West A StreetFree
    It's A Grind (India)1601 India StreetIpass, Surf and Sip, Trustive
    It's A Grind Coffee House (India)1603 India StreetBoingo
    Kinko's Downtown532 C StreetIpass, T-mobile
    NBC Building225 BroadwayIndependent provider
    One America Plaza600 West BroadwayFree
    San Diego - Harborview1617 First AvenueSTSN
    Santa Fe Depot - Amtrak Station1050 Kettner Boulevard #5Independent provider
    Sheraton Suites San Diego701 A StreetStarwood
    Starbucks 525 B Street1194 Sixth AvenueIpass, T-mobile
    Starbucks Broadway and Kettner San Diego600 West BroadwayIpass, T-mobile
    Starbucks Horton Plaza II75 Horton PlazaIpass, T-mobile
    The Granger Building964 Fifth Avenue; Suite 226Net Near U, Wise Technologies
    The UPS Store501 W Broadway Plz; Suite ASBC Communications
    T-Mobile 5th & Broadway1014 5th Avenue; Suite 100Ipass, T-mobile
    U.S. Grant Hotel326 BroadwayBoingo, AT&T, Ipass, Wayport
    Videoconference Professionals964 Fifth Avenue; Suite 226Independent provider
    W Hotel421 West B StreetFree
    Wyndham San Diego at Emerald Plaza400 West BroadwayBoingo, AT&T, Ipass, Wayport

    Happy surfing.

    Products from the Floor

    Audemat-Aztec Navigator 007
    Booth 1710
    This portable FM field strength meter offers built-in modulation metering, stereo pilot monitor and RBDS monitor. It is delivered with an external GPS receiver for mobile RF survey on a single FM station. While driving, RF readings and GPS coordinates are recorded on a laptop. After the campaign, results can be viewed as a text file or can be exported to mapping or predictive software. The unit is accessed with any terminal program software. The unit includes a carrying case, with 115/230Vac power supply and vehicle power supply.

    DRS Broadcast Technology Continental 815D5 and 815HD5
    Booth 1306
    The new line of FM solid-state transmitters, beginning with the 815D5 and the 815HD5, is a 5kW solid state FM line with an RF combining and splitting system designed to withstand as much as three times its operating RF requirements to ensure long-term, reliable service in harsh and often time abusive loads. This transmitter line wields a unique combiner system that ensures that the most RF possible gets to the output in the event of single or multiple amplifier module failure. The 815 series includes 24.5" (12RU) of user-available 19" wide rack space and built in ancillary equipment power outlets. This area is located in a non-interlocked area and accessible from the front or rear.

    Dielectric Flexline Foam
    Booth 905
    Type FLF is normally used for primary feeders, while Type FLS is typically used for jumper assemblies. Both style cables feature copper inner conductors, highly closed-cell foamed polyethylene insulator, oxygen-free copper corrugated outer conductor, and polyethylene jackets. The Flexline foam cable is available in a full range of sizes including: Type FLF-1/2", 7/8", 1-1/4" and 1-5/8" and Type-FLS-1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 7/8". Connectors and accessories are available for all sizes of these cables.

    Radio Systems Millenium Digital
    Booth 1110
    This console provides analog or digital inputs on every channel, 32-bit resolution, sample rate conversion on every input and CRT companion metering/timer and set-up display. All the outputs are available in analog or AES/EBU digital format and the console offers 10 extra auxiliary output busses. The system also features 10 fully programmable mix-minus outputs and a serial RS-232 interface.

    Session Highlights

    IBOC Takes Center Stage in Engineering Sessions
    The technical sessions at the NAB Radio Show will focus on IBOC for all three days. The sessions will cover nearly every aspect of IBOC operation from the studio to the antenna. We'll provide a rundown of each day's sessions in this newsletter leading up to the convention.

    Friday Sessions

    Studios, Audio and Data for HD Radio

    8:45 a.m. to 9:45 a.m.
    Studio Equipment and Infrastructure
    Jim Haupstueck of Harris, Ted Lantz of Broadcast Electronics and Chad Sterling of Dmarc Networks will discuss the considerations of the IBOC broadcast audio chain.

    9:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.
    Studio Operations
    Jay Adrick of Harris, Jeff Detweiler of Ibiquity and Frank Foti of Omnia Audio will discuss the challenges of processing for hybrid transmission and maintaining clean audio. Methods of emergency alerting will also be covered.

    10:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
    Advanced Applications and Services
    Frank Foti of Omnia Audio, Robert Hylkema of TeleAtlas and Mike Starling of NPR will cover the enhancements of IBOC beyond the improved signal quality. Multichannel audio, surround sound and data are some of these possibilities.

    1:30 p.m. to 2p.m.
    International Update: A Look at DAB Data Services and Opportunities for HD Radio

    2 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
    Receiver Update
    Mike Bergman of Kenwood will discuss the features of IBOC radios and preview some of the possible enhancements.

    2:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.
    Impulse Radio MAT Protocol
    Paul Signorelli of Impulse Radio will discuss various methodologies for multiplexing data services over the transmission layer of the IBOC system.

    Other Sessions of Note

    7:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.
    Breakfast with Charlie Cook
    Charlie Cook, editor and publisher of The Cook Political Report and a political analyst for the National Journal Group, will share his views on politics and the November Presidential election at this breakfast session.

    9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.
    HD Radio Made Easy
    This session provides a non-technical review of IBOC digital radio, with insight to its revenue-generating potential. The panelists will discuss the special considerations in making the decision to commence IBOC operations.

    Noon to 1:30 p.m.
    Radio Luncheon
    Clarke Brown, Jefferson Pilot Communication's president of the Radio Division, will receive the NAB National Radio Award at this year's Radio Lunch.

    More Products

    Omnirax Presto
    Booth 1707
    The desk surface of this product is wide enough for large keyboard controllers, control surfaces or smaller mixers, while providing eight rack spaces in two bays within easy reach. The shelf above the rack spaces can hold computer monitors and nearfield monitors. The shelf below is available for a computer and storage. The unit is available in melamine laminates or melamine with gray slate, mahogany or maple Formica top surfaces. The dimensions of this unit are: 37.13"H x 31.38" D x 55.9" W and weighs 125 pounds.

    Inovonics Omega_FM
    Booth 302
    A largely software-based digital on-air processor/generator, Omega_FM offers a short and direct program signal path that keeps latency at a minimum. The user interface includes a no-menu front panel setup that suits a variety of applications, or allows any PC to be connected for control over all processing parameters.

    Prophet Systems Nexgen 101
    Booth 709
    The software runs a single radio station and is based on the Nexgen software. Users buy only what they need, and add features as the station grows or the budget allows. Start with the core software, which includes the ability to process a log, then add modules to grow the system functionality as needs change.

    Mediatouch Imedia Logger
    Booth 613
    Ideal for time shifting, delayed broadcast, logging or skimming, this software can auto record without spots. This program can record 12 audio sources simultaneously, and each workstation can record 12 stereo sources at the same time. Users can record four streams from each audio source using multiple compression formats and recording qualities. This system uses MPEG 1 Layer 1, 2 and 3, PCM, Windows Media Audio and Real Audio files.

    Pike and Fischer Web Services
    Booth 101
    A subsidiary of The Bureau of National Affairs, this company has launched three legal reference services on the Web for cable, broadcasting and wireless professionals. The services, Cable TV Regulation, Broadcast Regulation and Wireless Telecommunications Regulation, offer subscribers desktop access to current FCC rules and regulatory information critical for industry compliance. Communications executives can quickly access current and proposed rules as well as all regulatory mandates issued by the FCC.

    Out and About in San Diego

    San Diego Automotive Museum
    This museum displays more than 80 automobiles and motorcycles from the Model T to the Maserati. An automotive research library is open to the public. Open daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum
    A floating naval aviation museum, the 968-foot-long carrier USS Midway was laid down in October 1943 in Newport News, VA, and commissioned in September 1945. The boat was decommissioned in 1992. The museum features more than 30 exhibits with an audio guide for the second deck, hangar deck, flight deck and island. Open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day.

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