NAB2005 Photo Blog - April 18

April 18, 2005

Radio magazine brings NAB2005 to you in photos from the convention.

The ubiquitous buses brought broadcasters to the LVCC from hotels across Las Vegas.

It's all inside - North Radio Hall, NAB 2005.

The Radio Hall as it looked just as the first attendees were allowed in.

Don Jones of RF Specialties of Texas has attended the past 40 NAB conventions.

To commemorate the event, the NAB presented Jones with a plaque, complementary full conference registration to NAB2006 and a ticket to the radio luncheon.

The Orban Mobile Test Lab was open for product demonstrations and comparisons.

One of the buzzwords at the NAB Convention is "Podcasting".

Inovonics unveiled a dual-processing system (FM & IBOC), and demo'ed same in an SUV in its booth in the North Radio Hall.

Hundreds signed up for the prize drawings for the palm-size digital audio PMD660 recorders given away at the D&M Audio booth in the North Hall.

No additional combiner; no additional antenna; Continental Electronics didn't reveal its 816HD all-in-one system until the NAB Convention exhibits opened on April 18.

G is for 'Giddy'; Frank G(rundstein) waxes enthusiastic about new Logitek console, control software.

Salesguy at Anchor Audio poses with his two-dimensional fantasy girl in Anchor's North Hall booth.

Muhammad Ali's boxing-daughter Laila (second from left) was a star attraction in a live sportstalk broadcast at the Efron Computerized Studios booth in North Hall.

Far from the madding crowd, Skeet Skaalen and Erle Younker of Waitt Radio Networks provide private showings of the Storq radio automation system in a Hilton suite.

Surrounded by sound, surrounded by glass: Neural Audio lets the curious test its "terrarium" sound booth in the Harris exhibit in NAB Convention's Central Hall.

The way that Alan tells the story, "Guy walks into a bar carrying a box turtle." Phillip Zittell (left), in the Omnirax booth in NAB's North Hall already remembers the punchline.

You take Route 6 from New Bedford up to the Cape Cod Canal. V-Soft Communications demonstrated its colorful contour-mapping software in its booth, as well as earlier private demos and training before the convention began.

Before the mad morning rush, the Telos booth in North Hall gets a few final touches.

CSI: North Hall; Ian Gunn of Burli Software locates a DNA match...or else he's editing audio cuts in the Burli newsgathering software.

The Federal Communications Commission was once again present on the convention floor.

Translantech Sound and Broadcast Warehouse have joined forces to display their complementary audio processing systems.

Neural Audio provided surround-sound demonstrations in this Cadillac Escalade.

With so much to see, it's common to see people stop in their tracks to take in an exhibit.

Prophet Systems drew a large crowd very fast on Monday morning.

Broadcast Electronics provided a demonstration of several different surround-sound systems for HD Radio.

The Harris Vistamax Control Center captured the attention of this crowd.

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