New French Government Not Supporting DAB Build-out

July 3, 2012

Paris - Jul 3, 2012 - According to an article in Les Echos, the resurgence of digital broadcast radio in France is encountering new difficulties, and probably won't happen at all. France's Higher Audiovisual Council (CSA) recently attempted to jumpstart this resurgence by soliciting applications for DAB+ stations throughout the country. However, Radio France, which evidently has first-right-of-refusal on frequencies that had been suggested for DAB is not going to give them up, and is not going to build out any type of DAB system itself. Construction of new facilities would weigh heavily on Radio France's budget, and such spending is not favored by the new government of Francois Hollande. Other large commercial radio groups (including NRJ, RTL and NextRadioTV) are against the DAB system as well.

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