New HD Radio Concept Provides Customizable Listening Experience

November 23, 2010

Washington - Nov 22 - NAB Fastroad announced the release of a report on a new personalized service concept for in-band/on-channel (IBOC) digital radio. This work was undertaken by iBiquity Digital Corporation, developers of the HD Radio IBOC system used by U.S. broadcasters to transition to digital radio, and was co-funded by iBiquity and NAB Fastroad.

The Persona Radio is a proof-of-concept advanced receiver design that would allow users to create a customizable listening experience and opportunities for behavioral-targeted advertising. Aspects of the listening experience that are customizable include audio content, text displays and advertisements. The report details how the Persona service would work, the supporting broadcast infrastructure and a variety of possible listener use cases.

Release of this report follows initial discussions of the Persona Radio project by iBiquity in their exhibit at the 2010 Radio Show produced by RAB and NAB, where a mock-up of a Persona Radio receiver was featured as part of iBiquity's hospitality suite.

The full text of the Persona Radio Project report and information on the NAB Fastroad technology advocacy program are available at

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