New York Times: Edwin Armstrong Finds New Support

April 19, 2010

New York - Apr 18, 2010 - The New York Times reports that Edwin H. Armstrong, the man now credited as being the father of FM radio, has found a new champion to clarify history and organize records documenting Armstrong's efforts.

The Times article says that Mischa Schwarz, an emeritus professor of electrical engineering at Columbia, began searching in 2007 through nearly 600 boxes of Armstrong's archives that were donated to Columbia decades ago. The disorganized records complicated his efforts. Schwarz, now taking efforts to ensure that Armstrong is never forgotten, has begun a new effort to renew the inventor's status in history.

Schwarz has raised more than $70,000 by reaching out to groups including the IEEE Foundation so that Columbia archivist Jennifer Comins can organize the material. The Times says that collection includes papers outlining his theories, photographs of Armstrong and his inventions, audio tapes and boxes of material from the many years of litigation between Armstrong and RCA, and Armstrong and Lee De Forest over patent issues.

Comins and graduate student Jennifer Howard began the project in December 2009 and plans to finish by the end of November 2010. The two have started a blog to track their findings.

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