NOA Releases Mediarc 1.6

September 6, 2011

Vienna, Austria - Sep 6, 2011 - NOA Audio Solutions has released Mediarc 1.6, an upgrade to its Mediarc 1.5 workflow, media and metadata system. The upgrade enables faster indexing, faster searches when using imprecise input, and single sign-on and low-level access from non-NOA systems.

Mediarc 1.6 contains several improvements, including phonetic search, which identifies and corrects incorrect spelling to match search terms with metadata more quickly and accurately; alternative spelling suggestions for search terms through different levels of fuzzy search; a new version of the RemoteFileAgent, which replicates multiple active directories to enable single sign-on to Mediarc from outside systems; the new Mediarc API, which allows non-NOA systems to access Mediarc data without the need for a customized, low-level access model; and an overhaul of the MatLink engine for faster indexing.

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