NPR Auctions Broadcast Equipment

March 17, 2013

Washington - Mar 15, 2013 - As National Public Radio moves into its new facility, lots of equipment from the previous facility is being sold. A list of equipment is posted at More than 1,000 items have been posted.

Much of the equipment was state-of-the-art in when the previous facility was built in 1994, and is still in working condition. It has all been well maintained, according to Mike Starling, NPR vice president and director of NPR's Technology Research Center and NPR Labs.

A facility walk-through for merchandise inspection will be held April 11, and the online auction begins closing on April 15. Items must be picked up at the current NPR headquarters at times directed before April 23.

The last items should be posted by March 27. To request a sortable list of equipment being sold should contact Mike Starling at

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