NRSC Posts Revised Documents on AM and RBDS/IBOC

November 5, 2007

Washington - Nov 5, 2007 - In September 2007, the National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC), a joint effort of the NAB and the Consumer Electronics Association, met and adopted two NRSC guidelines and two revised NRSC standards. These documents, NRSC-1-A (NRSC AM Preemphasis/deemphasis and Broadcast Audio Transmission Bandwidth Specifications), NRSC-2-A (Emission Limitation for AM Broadcast Transmission), NRSC-G100 (Bandwidth Options for Analog AM Broadcasters) and NRSC-G200 (Harmonization of RDS and IBOC Program Service Data Guideline), are now available for download from the NRSC website.

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