NXP Intros Receiver to Decode DRM, DAB, HD Radio

March 15, 2013

Eindhoven, Netherlands; Bangalore, India - Mar 14, 2013 - NXP Semiconductors has completed live reception of all three major terrestrial digital radio standards - DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale), DAB and HD Radio - in a car. The live public demo, which took place at the BES Expo 2013 event in New Delhi was achieved using NXP's software-defined multi-standard co-processor for automotive terrestrial digital radio reception. The demo was conducted in cooperation with All India Radio (AIR), the national broadcaster of India and operator of one of the largest radio networks in the world.

NXP's R&D center in Bangalore played a key role in integrating DRM decoder functionality into the company's automotive terrestrial digital radio system to create the multi-standard chipset that can be used in markets all around the world. It enables manufacturers to achieve significant economies of scale by having just one global hardware platform for the three main terrestrial digital radio standards.

DRM is an open digital radio standard currently being implemented in India.

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