Olympus Has Fallen Movie Trailer Uses EAS Tones

March 7, 2013

Mar 6, 2013 - The movie Olympus Has Fallen will open March 22, and a movie trailer spotted on YouTube shows an attack on the White House with audio that includes EAS FSK tones. The tones sound like they are quicker that real tones, but not pitch shifted. Radio magazine attempted to have the tones decoded. The results: They're incomplete tones for a required monthly test (RMT) in Virginia.

The trailer may run on TV stations, and a variation may be supplied for radio, but Radio magazine has not yet heard of any stations running the trailer with the EAS.

After the zombie apocalypse EAS message that aired in several places, the FCC will likely take some action with this. While there's no law preventing the use of EAS tones in this way, there are FCC rules that apply to broadcast stations for airing false alerts and simulated tones.

Has your station received an ad with faked EAS tones? Tell us about it.

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