One Town Calls to Jam DAB+ Down Under

August 5, 2009

While most Australians seem generally pleased with their country's recent rollout of DAB+ services, some analog FM radio owners in the city of Geelong feel that coverage afforded by a new DAB+ multiplex in nearby Melbourne may be just a bit too good. According to a recent story in the Geelong Advertiser, FM station owners in that city have asked their government to locally jam digital multiplex signals coming from Melbourne, situated approximately 25 miles distant across a large ocean bay.

Station owners complain that although local DAB+ multiplexes are in the works, implementation is at least two years off, allowing stations carried on Melbourne's multiplex to dominate the digital dial in the interim.

The Australia Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is said to be considering Geelong's request for deployment of jamming hardware, officially referred to as a "coverage management system."

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