Orban/CRL Studio Hosts Home Improvement Program

February 13, 2002

San Leandro, CA - Feb 13, 2002 - The Home Improvement USA Network Radio Program, now in its 7th year and heard on over 40 radio stations on the America Network, is now produced and broadcast from the studios of Orban/CRL. The program uses Orban's new Opticodec and the Opitmod-DAB 6200.

The show's hosts, Ken Walchek and Dave Rusch are joined regularly by Jay Brentlinger, Orban/CRL president and CEO. The panel has extensive engineering and mechanical knowledge. Brentlinger himself is versed in many areas of home repair and has audio expertise to assist callers who have questions on a variety of topics.

The program allows Orban to use its equipment in a real setting, something that is not always easy to duplicate in a lab. The Home Improvement USA Radio Show also streams live on the Internet at www.InternetFM.com. This is the start of Orban/CRL's radio and Internet programming efforts. More shows will be produced and distributed in upcoming months.

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