Paris DAB+ Suffers Another Setback

April 4, 2013

Paris - Apr 4, 2013 - When France's CSA granted permission to nine separate broadcasting entities in the Paris region to begin broadcasting digital radio, it stipulated that all nine needed to agree on a multiplex operator no later than March 15, 2013. Unfortunately, that date has come and gone without an agreement. One of the nine did not agree to the formation of the mux operator, which was to have been called RadioMux, according to an article in Les Echos. This unfortunate result compels the CSA to renew the call for applications for digital radio permits in the Paris region.

The latest delay occurs just days before the CSA is expected to decree that DAB+ will become the new standard for digital radio in France. This will align France with other European countries including Germany. Standardization is expected to ultimately lower the price points of radios to the benefit of consumers.

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