Poland Plans Nationwide Implementation of Digital Broadcasting

March 26, 2014

Mar 25, 2014 - At Poland's National Broadcasting Council meeting held in March 2014, the main topic was the joint efforts of broadcasters, regulators, and manufacturers, in implementing digital broadcast technology throughout the entire country. According to Media2.pl, the meeting was also an opportunity for a working group, initially formed by the executive chairman of the NBC in October 2013, to develop draft recommendations for the upcoming implementation, on the Government's behalf. The following tasks were put forth:

■ Preparing for the implementation of digital radio, and the resultant conversion of analog radio to digital, while maintaining stability in the radio marketplace;
■ Development of an additional two multiplexes, preceded by public consultation;
■ Efforts to extend the new digital content, including new programs and services;
■ Development of access to, and use of, digital radio platforms: Internet services, mobile terrestrial digital
■ Evaluation of the effectiveness of the process of digitization in public broadcasting.

An important topic of discussion was the use of terrestrial frequencies that Poland has at its disposal, for purposes of digital broadcasting. The National Council is of the opinion that to do so requires extensive consultation of stakeholders. Broadcasters welcomed the formation of the team for the implementation of digital radio.

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