Project Apollo Pilot Includes Radio Networks

October 9, 2007

New York - Oct 8, 2007 - Project Apollo, the joint initiative of Arbitron and The Nielsen Company, announced today that audience estimates to the radio commercials broadcast on the network and syndicated programs provided by Dial Global, Jones Media America, Premiere Radio Networks and Westwood One are now being included in the media data that will be available to the seven advertisers participating in the Project Apollo Steering Committee.

The network and syndicated radio audience information is the latest addition to the syndicated Project Apollo media dataset that currently includes broadcast television networks, cable networks, magazines, newspapers and circulars.

Media collected in Project Apollo Pilot Panel as of Oct. 1, 2007:

Media Number

Broadcast television networks (encoded)


Cable television networks (encoded)


Network and syndicated radio providers (encoded)


Magazines (via in-panel web surveys)


Newspapers (via in-panel web surveys)


Newspaper magazines (via in-panel web surveys)


Ad circulars & coupon booklets (via in-panel web surveys)


Additionally, Project Apollo is collecting panelist exposure to commercials that are specifically encoded by pilot panel subscribers.

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