PRSS, e-Radio USA Partner on Electricity Consumption Improvement

October 27, 2011

Washington, DC - Oct 26, 2011 - The Public Radio Satellite System (PRSS) and e-Radio USA (ERU) are partnering to explore new technologies in electricity management in the United States. The PRSS, which is managed by NPR, will work with ERU and industry partners to develop demonstrations and pilot projects to test the effectiveness and efficiency of these technologies.

Consumers are looking for ways to reduce their utility bills and carbon footprint. Utilities are seeking improved ways to manage their resources to help strike a balance between growth in demand for electricity and impact on the environment.

The PRSS will utilize ERU's technology, which uses FM radio RBDS signals to communicate with smart grid-enabled electric vehicles and appliances -- such as thermostats and water heaters -- to manage power resources.

"The PRSS is highly attractive delivery platform for our product because PRSS's footprint reaches 95 percent of the U.S." said Jackson Wang, president and CEO, e-Radio USA. "Tapping into this infrastructure means that nearly every American could benefit from the combining of the PRSS network and its technology with ERU's smart-grid communications solution."

In 2010, ERU's Canadian parent e-Radio Inc. and CBC/Radio Canada announced a joint collaboration to test e-Radio technologies in Canada using the CBC's FM radio network.

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