Pure Jumps Pond at CES

January 7, 2010

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Pure, a European-based brand of digital and Internet radio appliances, hopes to become as familiar a name in the United States as it is now in the UK with the introduction of five new digital radio products to the North American market. The manufacturer notes that its product line is designed to work in conjunction with a proprietary radio and media portal, the Pure Lounge to enable flow of information between device, portal and broadcaster, though they can function independent of the portal as well.

Using the CES 2010 show in Las Vegas as a backdrop for its marketing push here, Pure's new products feature various combinations of media player, online and terrestrial radio functionality. Among them:

  • Sensia -- a digital and Internet-connected radio device featuring high-resolution color toughscreen, stereo sound, an input for Ipod/MP3 players and access to applications such as Facebook and Twitter all in one central interface.
  • Evoke Flow -- a Wi-fi-"connected" portable radio that combines analog FM, Internet streaming, and audio file playback from a host PC.
  • Siesta Flow -- a Wi-fi-connected clock radio with touch-sensitive controls, up to 365 alarm settings and a USB port that provides power for USB accessories.
  • Oasis Flow -- a durable, weather-resistant Wi-fi-connected radio designed to bring Internet radio outdoors.
  • Sirocco 550 -- a complete digital sound system with access to Internet content and the ability to play digital music from portable Ipod and Iphone devices, USB memory drives, SD memory cards and CDs.

    Parent firm Imagination Technologies Group PLC says it expects to initially retail its products in the United States online with shipping dates to be announced later this year.

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