Pure Offers After-market DAB Radio for In-car Use

November 14, 2011

I've included many articles about DAB radios appearing in late-model automobiles. However, there is at least one after-market DAB radio for sale in the UK, and not surprisingly, it's made by Pure. It's called the 300Di and it has some very interesting features.

• Two receivers inside: one for the actual listening, and another that scouts the dial dynamically cataloging available DAB channels.

• Active antenna

• Pause and rewind of digital radio audio

• Connections for iPad/iPod/iPhone

• USB connection, for playing music, or installing software updates

It's important to note that the 300Di is actually an adapter that, in turn, connects to an existing car radio via its auxiliary input, or via its antenna input.

James Cridland in a recent blog post speaks highly of the 300Di. "This is really in-car DAB coming of age. I'd never have considered the clunky older model; but the new model is fab ... this looks as though it's been through lots of user testing and lots of real thought. It's a lovely thing. For £179 (about $250) it's not too expensive, either, in comparison with other in-car audio things."

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