Radio Celtica + Radio Hafren: What's old is new again

May 7, 2011

Montgomery, Wales - May 7, 2011 - As broadcasters, we're supposed to be agnostic with respect to the media that delivers the content we produce. Those of us in terrestrial radio have embraced the Internet as another media through which we disseminate our content. Will the day come, though, when content providers that started on the Internet will embrace terrestrial transmission as a means of distributing their programs? The answer to this question appears to be "yes" at least in one case, in Montgomery, Wales. Radio Hafren, broadcasting on 756kHz, is using programming that originates with Radio Celtica, based in Brigdend, South Wales.

Radio Celtica was formed more than 10 years ago with the original intention of broadcasting on the FM band; unfortunately, it lost out to a local rival, Bridge FM. For this reason, the station started life on the Internet. "The broadcasting of radio programs to an audience simply needs a platform. The traditional platforms had been denied us, so we looked to the Internet," said Bill Everatt, managing director of Radio Celtica.

He went on. "We've spent 11 long years working to get our shows broadcast on UK radio. Not only will it bring our programs to a whole new audience of late-night listeners in Mid-Wales and further afield, but, as our material is syndicated during the hours of darkness, we will no doubt pick up DX listeners as well."

So what is old is truly new again.

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