Radio Show Super Session Focuses on Entertainment and Information in the Car

July 18, 2011

Washington and New York - Jul 15, 2011 - The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) added a session called "The Road Ahead: Entertainment and Information in the Car" to the lineup for the 2011 Radio Show program. The super session will be held Sept. 15 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

Radio has been the king of in-car media for most of the history of the automobile, despite a constantly evolving environment featuring new devices and services. "The Road Ahead: Entertainment and Information in the Car" will address the past, present and future of entertainment, information and communications in cars. This multimedia session will provide insights about consumer interest and the adoption of various in-car media and technologies. It will include data measuring the shifts in behavior since the Arbitron/Edison 2003 "In Car" study -- shifts brought on by the number of new options available in today's cars.

These new options, formed by the emergence of new technology, services and content providers, have created an evolution of the in-car environment. The super session will also examine new technology called Automotive Telematics, which enables two-way communications between the car and information and entertainment services such as OnStar and Sync. These latest inventions and developments will be brought to life with video segments demonstrating how today's consumers obtain their information, entertainment and communicate while on the go.

Session panelists include:

  • Bill Rose, senior vice president, marketing at Arbitron

  • Larry Rosin, co-founder and president of Edison Research.

  • Mark Manders, senior vice president of operations at Scarborough Research

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