RadioHack 2014 Part of EBU's Digital Radio Week

February 12, 2014

Geneva - Feb 11, 2014 - RadioHack 2014 brought some 46 developers, engineers and other technology experts to the EBU during Digital Radio Week. The two themes for this year's event were hybrid radio and software-defined radio. RadioHack is designed to have the kind of relaxed atmosphere found at hackerspace events, where participants are encouraged to share concepts and collaborate on an ad hoc basis. In this way new ideas can emerge and new alliances can be formed.

One of the projects carried out at RadioHack 2014 is DABerry, which is a hybrid digital receiver based on the Raspberry Pi; another is new developments based on CRC mmb Tools, including low-cost DAB transmitter boards, single-frequency network support, and DAB micro-cells running in a set-top box, fed with audio from a satellite receiver.

RadioHack is just one of the many events taking place during Digital Radio Week at the EBU. The Digital Radio Summit takes place on Wednesday Feb. 12, 2014, and there are meetings of various groups and associations throughout the week.

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