RadioPlayer Shows Prototype Table-top Radio with RadioDNS

November 16, 2012

Manchester, England - Nov 15, 2012 - A prototype kitchen table-top radio that makes use of RadioDNS was demonstrated at the recent Radio Festival by RadioPlayer according to Radio Today. The hybrid radio prototype has a single user interface and gives listeners the ability to browse radio stations regardless of the method of transmission. Radioplayer is already talking to manufacturers about how to take the prototype to the next stage and hopes this will help act as a catalyst for debate and innovation across the radio industry.

The prototype features a simple color touch-screen interface with large bright station logos acting as presets. Now playing information appears with a tap of the finger, and a field is available for stations to populate with slide-show-style visuals.

Using RadioDNS technology, the radio automatically selects the best broadcast signal for each station, and switches to an Internet stream if the broadcast signal deteriorates. This process is transparent to the user. RadioDNS is another industry collaboration that aims to act as the hybrid glue between broadcast radio and the Internet.

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