RAJAR 3Q2013 Results for UK Digital Radio listening

October 24, 2013

London - Oct 24, 2013 - Radio listening via digital platforms is up 13 percent year over year in terms of reach, with 51 percent of the population of the UK now tuning in each week (27 million people), according to the 3Q2013 RAJAR data. Digital listening hours are up 14 percent year on year, from 320 million in 3Q2012 to 366 million in 3Q2013. Some other points announced by Digital Radio UK:

■ Digital listening now 35.6 percent, up 14 percent year over year from 31.3 percent
■ DAB is the most popular device for digital listening (65 percent of all digital hours) and 24 million adults have access to a DAB digital radio, up 10 percent year over year
■ All platforms show growth in hours, with DAB up 13 percent year over year, online/apps up 37 percent and DTV up 7 percent.
■ The share of analog listening in home is below 50 percent, at 49.7 percent.

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