RCS Updates Gselector

May 9, 2008

White Plains, NY - May 8, 2008 - RCS has again updated Gselector and released Gselector 3.7.0. New features include:

  • Gselector Helper is a new utility that loads when Windows starts and allows Gselector to start and run more efficiently.
  • When highlighting items in the Editor the Test Bar and Failure Details panes update more quickly.
  • A new Linker/Link Goals/Balance window allows users to apply Shifts, Limits, Maximum per Hour and Minimum Separation values to individual links.
  • A new Cumulative Airtime field is now available in the Editor, in Export Schedule and in Reports.
  • The interface between Gselector and Master Control Versions 15.2.2 c and greater has been significantly improved.

Details on the updates are available at rcscommunity.com.

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