RNT Lyon Project Doubles Available Stations

December 22, 2011

Lyon, France - Dec 20, 2011 - RNT Lyon will add 15 commercial stations to its current line-up during 2012. The project, which began during spring 2011, already has 15 stations on-air. "We are happy to see broadcasters from around France showing their support for digital radio by joining the RNT Lyon project," said Andre-Masse Yannick, the CEO of VDL, which leads the RNT Lyon project.

New stations on-air will include ADO, Antinea Radio, Beur FM, Crooner, Euronews, Just Hit, Generations, La Radio Plus, Prestige FM, Radio Festival, Radio Public Santé, SNCF La radio and Urban Hit. Joining these stations will be new local stations Radio Vinci Autoroutes Sud and Phare FM.

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