Ron Paley Retires from OMT

March 1, 2010

Ron Paley

Winnipeg, MB - Mar 1, 2010 - After 42 years with OMT Technologies, Ron Paley has retired as the president of OMT. In 2001, Paley took the company public. Ron Paley's brother Ted was his business partner in OMT until they took the company public. At that time, Ted Paley pursued an accounting practice. The Paley family remains a shareholder of OMT.

In 2007, Ron brought Ted back into broadcasting when they founded the Ron Paley Broadcast distribution business. While Ron continued working at OMT, Ted steadily built Ron Paley Broadcast into a broadcast hardware sales and technical integration entity.

Ted Paley

Currently, Ron Paley Broadcast represents Wheatstone, Vorsis, Pro Racks Broadcast Computers and Studio Hub products in Canada.

Bill Baines has taken over as the president of OMT.

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