Sales call for the week of April 1 - April 7, 2010

April 1, 2010

VocalBooth notes that several broadcasters are using the company's sound booths, including

  • In Las Vegas, Donny Osmond is broadcasting his daily radio show, "The Donny Osmond Show," from a VocalBooth at the Flamingo Hotel where he and sister Marie have their nightly shows.
  • Less than a year ago Moody Broadcasting purchased a 12'x16' Gold Series VocalBooth and a 12'x14' Gold Series VocalBooth for Northport, AL.

    WLS-AM in Chicago is using a 25-Seven Audio Program Manager (ATM) to enhance its news/talk/information programming. The result, according to Senior Technical Producer Michael Garay, is increased listenership and local advertising. The station uses the device to hold off syndicated programs and newsfeeds, and it helps the station make flawless rejoins from breaks in syndicated shows. WLS also uses the unit to add local inventory to syndicated programs without having to miss any show content.

    Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) has ordered three Jampro model JCPB sidemount broadband antennas and three Jampro model RCCC constant-impedance combiners for installation at network sites. KBC is a government-owned network chartered to provide public service radio, commercial radio, and television broadcasting throughout the country. The JCPB sidemount antenna is a broadband version of Jampro's Penetrator design. The Jampro RCCS Star Point FM combiner consists of RCBC bandpass filters to achieve excellent isolation and cool operation.

    The Tieline Technology Report-IT Live codec application for iPhone was used to broadcast live coverage of the delivery of the first of 24 F/A-18F Super Hornet fighter jets to Australia purchased from the United States, throughout the Grant Broadcasters radio network. Grant Broadcasters affiliate station River 949FM used Report-IT Live to broadcast more than four hours of continuous live audio over wireless 3G from Amberley Air Force base in Queensland to the studio. The Report-IT Live app turns the iPhone into a portable IP audio codec for sending bidirectional 15kHz audio to a Tieline IP audio codec using 3G cellular wireless or Wi-Fi.

    Eurozet, the largest radio group in Poland, is using Broadcast Electronics' latest AudioVAULT FleX automation system to synchronize commercials and centralize the management of its network of radio stations. Eurozet, which is partially owned by Lagardere Active Radio International (LARI), the biggest radio operator in Western and Central Europe, acquired new AudioVAULT FleX workstations and servers earlier in 2010 and began rollout in March 2010 with completion expected by the end of summer 2010.

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