Sales Call for the Week of Dec 13 - Dec 19, 2012

December 13, 2012

Audioarts Engineering has sold several consoles:
■ KEYZ-AM in Williston, ND, purchased an R-55e control surface through BSW, while KFYN-AM in Bonham, TX, purchased an Air-4 console.
■ KZMT-FM in Helena, MT, purchased an R-55e console and an Air-4 console through BSW.
■ Cumulus in Miami purchased an IP-12 digital console.

Wheatstone has sold several WheatNet-IP upgrades in Canada:
■ Cogeco in Quebec purchased complete WheatNet-IP AoIP systems for five locations and added to an existing WheatNet-IP system for another location through Marketing Marc Vallee, Quebec.
■ Fairchild Radio in Toronto added seven PC drivers to an existing WheatNet-IP system to replace soundcards, through Ron Paley Broadcast, Canada.
■ The CBC in Alberta purchased a new Blade, three controllers and PC drivers for an existing WheatNet-IP system.
■ Blackburn Radio in Ontario purchased an E-6 control surface, Aura8-IP audio processing Blade and controller hardware to add to an existing WheatNet-IP network though Ron Paley Broadcast, Canada.
■ Loyalist College in Ontario purchased a WheatNet-IP system consisting of an E-1 control surface, Aura8-IP Blade, PC drivers, guest panels and Navigator software through Ron Paley Broadcast, Canada.

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