Sales call for the week of Feb 4 - Feb 10, 2010

February 4, 2010

The Sadie LRX2 location recorder and the PCM-H64 multi-channel recorder/editor have been at the forefront of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's recent recordings at The Falls Festival. Held annually in two locations over the New Year period, The Falls Festival is one of Australia's biggest music events.

Radio stations KNDD-FM, KMTT-FM, KKWF-FM and KISW-FM Seattle are now using the vCreative Paperless Production Order System. Seattle joins nine other Entercom stations already using PPO to streamline their production workflow. In addition to being able to remotely submit and update production orders from any location, the staff also has the option to link with other Entercom markets on PPO for fast and easy voice talent sharing.

Citadel Broadcasting has two more stations using the Vcreative Paperless Production Order system. New Bedford joins more than 60 other Citadel stations already using the Vcreative PPO.

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