Sales Call for the Week of Jun 14 - Jun 20, 2012

June 14, 2012

Australian Broadcast Corporation station Triple J has added two new Harris Flexiva air-cooled FM transmitters. The 20kW transmitters are installed at Broadcast Australia's sites at Goschen, Victoria and Mount Dowe, New South Wales.

Wheatstone has noted several recent installations:
◊ Clear Channel of Augusta, GA, purchased a 16-fader LX-24 console.
◊ Townsquare Media in Lufkin, TX, purchased additional IP-88D digital Blades for its WheatNet-IP system.
◊ NL Broadcasting (Netherlands) purchased an E-1 console through MRZ Broadcast.
◊ CKUA in Alberta, Canada, purchased a large system, including four LX-24 consoles, five IP-12 digital consoles, 12 IP-88 BLADEs and 10 AoIP drivers from Ron Paley Broadcast.
◊ Corus Radio in Edmonton, AB, ordered a WheatNet-IP system.
◊ Washington State University purchased four E-6 consoles, two Sideboards, and 16 IP-88 Blades, one with embedded Aura8-IP Vorsis.

Audioarts has made several equipment sales:
◊ Royal Thai Navy (Thailand) purchased an R-55E-12 console through local distributor Broadcast & Studio.
◊ Two R-55e-12 consoles went to Kiev, Ukraine, via reseller Comtel Broadcasting.
◊ Three Air-3 consoles went to the Philippines through local distributor Broadcast World Philippines.
◊ Georgia Southern University purchased an R-55E-18 console through BSW.
◊ Curtis Media in Raleigh, NC, purchased two IP-12 digital radio consoles.
◊ Adventure Radio in Hilton Head, SC, purchased an R-55E-18 console through 305 Broadcast.
◊ Radio Tri-Cities of Washington ordered seven P-12 digital radio consoles with five IP-88 Blades.

Vorsis processing is on the air at these stations:
◊ KUOW-FM in Seattle, WA, purchased an AirAura processor for its main FM/HD Radio path.
◊ Emmis Radio purchased four M-2 digital voice processors for WTHI-FM/WWVR-FM in Terre Haute, IN.
◊ Clear Channel in Portland, OR, ordered 23 M-2 digital voice processors.
◊ Bayshore Broadcasting of Ontario ordered an AirAura processor.

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