Sales Call for the Week of Oct 18 - Oct 24, 2012

October 18, 2012

Wheatstone processing is in use at:
■ Casa Media Partners in California ordered a Vorsis AirAura digital spectral processor.
■ Beasley Broadcast in Fayetteville, NC, purchased two M-2 voice processors.
■ WHIZ-FM/TV Zanesville, OH, purchased two M-2 voice processors through BSW.

Audioarts Engineering has sold several consoles:
■ Bicoastal Media's KOOS-FM North Bend, OR, purchased an Air-4 console through RF Specialties.
■ Bethany Divine College/WVOB-FM Dothan, AL, purchased an X-12 digital console through BSW.
■ Delmarva Broadcasting purchased a D-75N networked digital console and SP-75 phone module through Lightner Electronics for its Salisbury, MD, cluster.
■ Salem Communications' WFIL-AM Philadelphia purchased an IP-12 digital console.

Wheatstone has posted several sales:
■ The CBC in Edmonton, Canada, purchased 16 WheatNet-IP Blades with routing utilities and Navigator software through Marketing Marc Vallee, Quebec.
■ Ramar Communications purchased an E-1 control surface for its new station in Lubbock, TX.
■ Fairchild Radio in Toronto added an Aura8-IP Blade and PC drivers to an existing WheatNet-IP AoIP system.
■ Beasley Broadcast's WNCT-FM Greenville, NCm purchased a WheatNet-IP AoIP system with E-1 control surfaces.

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