Sales Call for the Week of Sep 23 - Sep 29, 2010

September 27, 2010

WPLJ-FM in New York City is the 84th Citadel Broadcasting station to begin using vCreativePPO. On PPO, submitted production orders are fully tracked with user, date and time stamping as well as perpetually archived for easy access at any time down the road. This ongoing archive holds not just the raw information entered into PPO but attached files like traffic instructions and even the final spot.

Global Security Systems (GSS) has entered into an agreement with K-Love and Air1, Educational Media Foundation''s nationwide group of radio stations, to implement Alert FM in a scheduled rollout that will double the number of locations where the FM-based personal alerting and messaging system is operational to more than 450 radio stations across the country.

K-Love and Air1 join Commonwealth Broadcasting and The Cromwell Group in support of Alert FM, which uses Radio Broadcast Data Service (RIDES) FM-subcarrier technology to deliver emergency alert messages to any receiver equipped with an FM radio chip and Alert FM software.

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