Sangean Releases Rugged DAB Radio

June 13, 2011

Sangean DAB+Box

Jun 13, 2011 - If you've ever worked on a construction site you've likely seen tradesmen using ruggedized portable radios that can be tossed in to the back of a truck, or kicked over or otherwise abused. A modern version of that type of radio has now appeared, thanks to Sangean. DAB+Box is that type of radio, but with modern features:

  • FM tuner, and DAB tuner
  • 10 presets -- five for FM, five for DAB
  • Flexible antenna
  • Roll-cage protected
  • Uses four C-cells, or NiMH batteries; built in battery charger
  • Rain-resistant, dust-resistant, shock-resistant
  • 5" water-resistant speaker

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