SBE Teams up with NAB for 2014 Radio Show

June 5, 2014

This year's Radio Show Technology Program is being presented by NAB Technology and NAB Labs in cooperation with the Society of Broadcast Engineers. A special extended program, co-produced with SBE, will address the topic of, "IT for Radio Engineers: Understanding IP Networking Routing & Switching Tutorial."

The core technology underlying an IP network is the proper implementation of Ethernet switching and IP routing. This tutorial will review the basics of IP networking and focus upon the implementation of Ethernet switching and IP routing, answering the question of, "When to Route & When to Switch"? Theoretical concepts will be presented with considerations for network performance, security and management, utilizing practical implementation examples in a broadcast plant IP network.

The Tutorial Outline includes:

IP Networking Technology Review

Ethernet Switching Fundamentals

IP Routing Fundamentals

Building, Addressing and Configuring a Segmented IP Network

Best Practices Review & Closing Thoughts

Other SBE-produced sessions will be announced soon.

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