Siport Delivers HD Radio Chips for Automotive Receiver

January 9, 2012

Santa Clara, CA - Dec, 9, 2009 - Siport has released its first application in the automotive aftermarket. Using Siport's SP1010 transceiver, automotive electronics supplier Dual Electronics has introduced the XHD6430, a new in-dash receiver offering HD Radio capability.

The Dual XHD6430 is a Bluetooth-ready, in-dash receiver with a built-in HD Radio tuner featuring Itunes tagging from a dedicated Tag button and direct USB control for Ipod playback. The receiver offers 200W peak power and is CD/MP3/WMA compatible.

The Siport SP1010 CMOS receiver supports analog and digital broadcast standards. Microsoft uses a Siport HD Radio chip in the Zune HD media player.

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