Sound Devices Updates Firmware for 788T Recorder and Wave Agent

October 6, 2010

San Francisco - Sep 30, 2010 - Sound Devices is featuring the 2.10 firmware update for its 788T and 788T-SSD multi-track digital audio recorders, along with the 1.15 upgrade to its Wave Agent software, at AES 2010. The 788T update, available to all 788T users on the company's website, allows for the linking of multiple 788T recorders, as well as other Sound Devices 7-Series recorders. Wave Agent 1.15, meanwhile, features a new Control Mode.

Thanks to a new linking capability, multiple 788T digital recorders are easily interconnected for applications requiring higher track counts or synchronized backups. The 788T's latest firmware update enables, via its C. Link connection, multi-unit linking, locking all connected 7-Series recorders to one 788T world clock, time code and transport.

The new 788T update also supports editing metadata from Wave Agent software. Sound mixers can directly edit 788T file metadata from a Mac OS or Windows computer running Wave Agent 1.15 or greater. The newly released upgrade for Wave Agent, 1.15, features this new Control Mode (formerly known as Meter Mode). Metadata available for edit includes scene, take and notes values.

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