STMicroelectronics Chipset Allows Simultaneous AM/FM and DAB Demod

July 19, 2012

Geneva - Jul 18, 2012 - Semiconductor manufacturer STMicroelectronics has introduced the first digital radio chipset that enables simultaneous reception and processing of AM/FM and multiple digital-radio broadcasts (e.g. DAB+). Complete with full software stack and support for a number of different broadcasting standards, ST's new digital radio chipset started volume production in 2Q2012.

The chipset can receive and decode up to four channels in parallel: Two for FM phase diversity and two for terrestrial digital broadcasting (e.g. DAB). With this feature, the car radio can receive audio content from one channel while pulling real-time traffic and weather information from another one at the same time. The radio receiver can also seamlessly switch between the analog FM and the digital radio signals and simultaneously demodulate audio and data from two separate digital radio channels. It supports the DAB family of standards (DAB/DAB+/DMB-A), Digital Radio Mondiale, as well as HD Radio when combined with an external co-processor.

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