Surfer Network Granted Second Patent in Streaming Media Technology

April 8, 2009

Flanders, NJ - Apr 8, 2009 - Surfer Network has received a second key patent in support of its streaming media technology. The latest patent applies to radio and TV broadcasts, and gives the broadcaster the ability to transmit conventional audio and video ads over the air, while maximizing the value of that ad inventory on the Internet. That is achieved by streaming from the point of origin to a central distribution hub. When audience members connect at the distribution hub, the system can perform a database lookup to determine the optimum set of demographically targeted ads to deliver to each person based on age, gender, geographic location, or other parameters of interest by advertisers. A unique stream is created for each audience member; the selected replacement ads are then inserted into each unique stream so that each member of the audience receives a composite stream carrying the highest value advertising content that is possible to achieve.

The new patent is U.S. Patent Number 7,490,053: System for Modifying and Targeting Advertising Content of Internet Radio Broadcasts. Surfer Network had previously been granted U.S. Patent Number 6,766,376: Streaming Media Buffering System, which is a patent that enables instant-on capability while eliminating pre-buffering and minimizing dropouts due to poor Internet conditions, both for live broadcasts as well as content streamed from files. Surfer Network uses the trade name Lightning Stream for this technology.

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