Survey Finds no Improvement in Consumer Knowledge of HD Radio

January 24, 2012

Jan 23, 2012 - Mark Kassof and Company have published online the results of an interesting survey about consumer awareness of HD Radio. Here's a summary:

◊ In 2008 (when the same topic was last surveyed) 67% had at least "heard of" HD Radio; now, 54% have.

◊ In 2008, 21% of respondents said HD Radio delivers better sound quality; now 20% do.

◊ In 2008, 8% said HD Radio delivers more channels and choices, the same as now.

◊ In 2008, 7% said HD Radio was satellite radio; now 6% do.

The authors conclude, "it's great that HD Radio is finding its way into new cars. Over time, that is undoubtedly the single best way to get into the minds of consumers. But for now, HD Radio's "Knowledge Gap" continues."

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