Swedish Government Solicits Applicants for National, Regional, Local DAB+

June 8, 2012

Stockholm - Jun 8, 2012 - In October 2010 the Swedish government decided to allocate two frequencies for digital radio transmissions. While the two frequencies will be used across the entire country, 34 specific regions are encompassed. The Swedish government's Authority for Radio and TV, working in conjunction with the Post and Telecom Agency, determined that marketplace results should drive the decision as to what transmission scheme to use; DAB+ has been chosen. Applicants that wish to make use of the proposed new facilities are now being sought.

Each of the two multiplex frequencies will be able to carry up to 16 different services. Applicants can see authorization for nation,regional or local coverage; the government will assess the extent to which the applicant's wishes can be met. More specific information (in Swedish) is online.

The deadline for applications is Oct. 1, 2012; permits are due to be issued starting as early as Jan. 1, 2013.

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