Sydney Morning Herald's Turner Writes About DAB+

November 7, 2011

Sydney, Australia - Nov 7, 2011 - How does a DAB+ listener, who just happens to write for the Sydney Morning Herald, rate the performance of the system? Adam Turner wrote an article for the Sydney Morning Herald that was published on-line on Nov. 3 in which he gives a very matter-of-fact evaluation and puts forth some good questions.

DAB multiplex transmissions are now only available in the largest Australian cities. In those cities though, Turner notes that "reception is still patchy in some areas." (He also asserts that there are technical trials under way to use on-channel boosters to fill in those areas.) According to Turner, "Internet radio is a handy way to listen to Australia's new digital radio stations if you live in a reception black spot, although they are on a slight delay compared with the terrestrial broadcast. Keep in mind that listening to Internet radio chews through your monthly data allowance, unless your Internet service provider offers unmetered access to some Internet radio stations."

Turner went on. "In terms of sound quality, the leap from FM to digital isn't that striking. The digital signal is a little cleaner but the FM signal sounds slightly warmer and richer - exactly what you would expect when switching between analog and digital content."

Read his entire account online.

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