T-Mobile, Verizon Join Other Carriers in ‘Throttling'' of Heavy LTE Users

August 20, 2014

BELLEVUE, WASH.—Last Sunday T-Mobile began slowing down cellular data connections for some of its customers, according to the Washington Post.

T-Mobile''s new policy is that unlimited data plan holders that continually upload webcam videos, or that engage in peer-to-peer file-sharing, will be ‘throttled'' after a series of warnings.

Verizon also recently announced a plan to ‘throttle'' voracious users of LTE on its network, drawing scrutiny from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. Verizon''s response to the Commission was that all wireless carriers do it already in some form, as part of their ‘reasonable network management.'' Wheeler rejected that argument telling reporters that Verizon's network management policies risked becoming a "business issue." According to Brian Fung in the Post, “Verizon skeptics worry that the company is trying to shift unlimited data customers onto more profitable metered data plans.”

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