UK Eyes 2015 for Analog Radio Sunset

June 17, 2009

Digital Britain

London - Jun 16, 2009 - Radio stations in the UK that broadcast on national and local DAB multiplexes will end their analog FM transmissions by the end of 2015. The plan was unveiled in the Digital Britain report.

While current FM services move to DAB carriers, current medium-wave services will move to the to-be-vacated FM channels. The plan specifies several deadlines for the transition.


  • All DAB receivers sold in the UK to conform to the minimum EBU/World DMB Profile 1
  • All radios in new cars to have DAB as standard
  • DAB carrying local radio to be comparable to FM and cover 90 percent of the UK


  • BBC National Radio services to cover 90 percent of the UK on DAB with signal comparable to FM


  • Services on National and Local DAB to stop broadcasting on FM
  • Medium-wave broadcasting will also stop with MW services moving to the vacated FM frequencies

    The entire report is available through the Department for Culture Media and Sport website. Chapter 3b covers the radio transition.

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