Vidcheck Updates Automated QC Software

July 15, 2014

AMSTERDAM— Vidcheck, a supplier of software for automated QC and correction of video and audio media files, says it will debut new features for the company's product suite at IBC 2014.

“Although broadcasters are increasingly recognizing that automating quality control is a solution to easing the headache of meeting quality standards, equally important is what happens when problems are found,” said Vidcheck CEO Thomas Dove. “If the auto QC system doesn't also include auto correction, the files may have to go back several times for manual re-editing and re-rendering, which can be a time-consuming and costly process. And manually repairing the problems may introduce other errors.”

Vidcheck will introduce the latest version of its intelligent auto correction technology, which includes patent-pending processes that not only automate the QC process, and also add automated correction so that problems are identified and repaired in a single pass. The automatic QC and intelligent correction capabilities also mean that Vidchecker''s ROI can be measured in weeks.

“Vidchecker''s robust API means that its core technology is already directly integrated with many third-party systems that are used for transcoding, file delivery and workflow management,” said Dove.

In addition to Vidchecker, the range includes the ŒVidchecker-post for post house and production facilities; ŒVidfixer, which provides more extensive error correction functions; ŒVidchecker Grid, which is suitable for large enterprises; and ŒVidchecker Cloud for large organizations that want a dynamically scalable, pay-per-use solution.

These products use current software technology to automate simultaneous QC and error-correction processing by taking advantage of self-correcting heuristic algorithms that modify original content by the minimum amount needed to ensure compliance.

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