...While Ibiquity's Struble Declares Radio's Dashboard Dominance in Doubt

January 7, 2010

Ibiquity CEO Robert Struble says radio has become just another competitor in a widening field of contestants for the hearts, minds -- and ears -- of America's motoring public.

Bob Struble

Citing rapid penetration of the automotive accessory market by a variety of media players and 3G wireless devices, the kingpin of American digital radio declared in his most recent blog that "the days of AM/FM's monopoly hold on auto infotainment are long gone."

Struble also noted that broadcasters can no longer safely assume that AM/FM radios will continue to be included as a standard automotive feature.

Given his perspective as chief executive of Ibiquity, it's only natural that HD Radio is a key component of Struble's prescription for what ails radio. But he also exhorts broadcasters to "keep doing what they always have done, but do it better than they have ever done: create compelling programming, address the local tastes and needs of their audience, and promote their product like crazy."

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