While You Wait for that IBOC Digital Power Increase...

August 19, 2009

The recent nationwide switch to digital TV, coupled with a brutal economic downturn has rekindled consumer interest in the rooftop antenna, an old, nearly arcane piece of 20th Century technology. Across the country, TV antennas are flying off shelves as some folks disable the cable and take advantage of free HDTV multicasts.

Interestingly, the common complaint that desktop and component HD FM receiver digital reception doesn't measure up to analog begs the same solution. And for now there's at least one site on the Web where a consumer can find a listing of just about every external FM antenna imaginable.

A poster to DTVUSA Forum has compiled an exhaustive list of FM antennas from indoor to outdoor, both active and passive. While it's not professionally compiled, and lacks an objective ratings system, those interested in optimizing their HD Radio listening experience may find this surprisingly diverse array of products helpful in boosting the performance of their FM radio receivers, both digital and analog.

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